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The company caters to vast spectrum of customers by manufacturing customer oriented Speciality Lubricants and Greases across several domains, such as :

Turbine oils, Compressor oils, Marine diesel oils, Generator oils. Machine oil series, Cylinder oils, Refrigerator oils, Rust preventive oils & Special Greases for Ceramic Tile Industries.

The company has drawn up plans to invest in R&D and capacity to build and maintain position of prominence with new products as per market demand.

Autorol Super Thermic Oil -500

AUTOROLSUPERTHERMICOIL-500isan excel lent thermic fluid designed to cover a broad range of heat transfer applications. The product recommended in heat transfer system involving maximum bulk temperature of 260°C to 300°C. This oil possesses excellent oxidation & chemical stability, good heat transfer properties, low volatility, low vapour pressure, non corrosive & non toxic properties. This oil with low sulphur contents is widely used in textiles, pharmaceutical and other processing industries having well designed heat transfer systems.

Autorol Rust Preventive Oil 1045 ( Solvent Base)

AUTOROL Rust Preventive is general purpose water displacing solvent base rust preventive oil to protect steel surfaces from rust, and corrosion. This grade is intended to protect under severe humid and saline conditions. After evaporation of solvents from the surface to which it is applied leaves behind a residual soft lubricating film which has very high water displacing and corrosion protection properties.

Autorol Compressor Oil 32,46,68,100,150,220,320

AUTOROL COMPRESSOR OILS are blended from high viscosity index base oil and fortified with anti-oxidant and anti-rust, anti-wear, anti-corrosive properties. These oils have good demulsibility property and anti-foaming tendency. It ensures good film strength, low vapour pressure and excellent cylinder lubrication.

Autorol Refrigeration Oil 32,46,68,100

AUTOROL REFERIGERATION OILS are specially developed from selected base stocks to ensure high fluidity, and lubricates the compressors at very low temperature, with reuced tendency to foam. Low pour point, low cloud point ensures high condenser efficiency and low maintenance of compressor.