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Hydraulic Oils -32/46/68/ 100/ 150/ 220 / 320 / 460 (AW/HLP)

A Premium Product Recommended For Hydraulic System Circulating Oil Bath Lubricating Systems, Vacuum Pumps, Mining Machineries, Chain Drive Oiling Systems. For Trouble Free Performance It Has Following Characteristics: High Viscosity Index, Low Pour Point, & Exceptional Thermal Stability. Excellent Anti – Wear, Anti – Oxidant, & Anti – Rust Properties, Corrosion Resistance & Defoaming Stability.

It Meets Requirement: IS – 10522- 1983 ( Reaffirmed- 1993) And BIS – 11656-86.

Pack: 20 ltr., 50 ltr., 210 ltr.

Gear Oils 150/ 220 / 320/ 460 / 680

HYTECH Gear Oils are Extreme Pressure type industrial gear oils, containing SULPHUR & PHOSPHORUS compounds to provide better thermal stability, oxidation resistance, and reduced friction. Recommended for Heavy duty enclosed Gear drives, rotter bearings, sliding surfaces, chain drives, circulating systems requiring E.P. type Gear oils.

Pack: 20 Ltr., 50 Ltr., 210 Ltr.


Hycut soluble cutting oil is high quality watersolublefluid which provides:
Rich clearmilkywhite liquid, Prevents bacterial & fungus growth, Provides excellent lubricity and cooling for low to high speed rpm operations, Contains anti-foaming, anti- corrosion anti-oxidant, & anti-rust properties, to prevent degradation of oil.
Suitable for all routine machining operations on CNC lathes; and also for cutting, turning, deep hole drilling, high speed grinding, & honing operations, on both ferrous and non ferrous materials.
Conforms to specification: is-1115/1986

Pack: 20Ltr., 50Ltr., 21O Ltr.