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FORCE – 1 4T Oil (100 CC 4 Stroke)

New Improved FORCE 1 is a premium quality four stroke engine oil especially blended with high performance additives to ensure excellent operating performance. FORCE 1 is specifically blended to provide protective oil film round the clock to protect engine components and enhance engine life during most severe driving conditions.

If meet the requirement of JASO-MA, SJ, Standard. Recommended For Use In All Four Stroke Bikes Scooters As HERO, HONDA, BAJAJ, KAWASAKI, YAMAHA, HONDA – ACTIVA, SUZUKI & TVS etc.

Pack: 900 ml., 1 ltr., 210 ltr.

FORCE – 1 4T Oil (100 CC 4 Stroke) SM

Special quality FORCE-1 is a friction modified multi-grade engine oil specially formulated for 4- Stroke Motorcycles. It is blended with high performance base oils with recommended doses of additives to satisfy the ultimate performance levels. FORCE-1 provides, better mileage, high power performance, longer drain intervals and desired viscosity at higher temperature.

It satisfies the performance level of API-SM & JASO-MA standards.

Pack: 900ml., 1 Ltr., 50 Ltr., 210 Ltr.

POWER – PLUS, 4T Engine Oil (10W/30)

POWER-PLUS, is a high quality Multi Grade 10W/30 Engine oil, specifically developed for High performance Bikes, to protect Engine at high temperature It also eliminates high temperature deposits on Piston & Rings.

It posses excellent Anti-Corrosion, Anti-Oxidant, & Anti-Wear properties. It’s smooth Gear shift ensures superior Power transfer and acceleration

Recommended for use in all four stroke Bikes as, BAJAJ PULSAR, HERO, HONDA,SUZUKI, YAMAHA & TVS.

Specifications: JASO-MA, SL Grade

Pack: 800 ml., 900 ml., 1 Ltr., 20 Ltr., 50Ltr., 210 Ltr.

Multi Grade Engine Oil 15W/40

Specially blended heavy duty multi grade engine crank oil for use in turbo and super charged engines. It’s selective additive package imparts high T.B.N., longer oil drains, anti-wear properties, and better engine life.


Pack: 1 Ltr., 3 Ltr., 5 Ltr., 10 Ltr., 15 Ltr., 20 Ltr., 50 Ltr., 210 Ltr.


Autorol high performance API CI-4 multi-grade diesel engine oil is top of the line , high performance oil suitable for Heavy duty new generation Diesel engines for Heavy Commercial , as well as small cars requiring high quality engine oils.

Applications & Benefits: Protects engine from excessive wear, Shear stability to control viscosity under severe high temperature , Higher level of engine cleanliness, Protects against sludge formation, Oil degradation & Corrosion

Meets Specification API CI-4

Pack: 5 Ltr., 20 Ltr., 50 Ltr., 210 Ltr.

Multi Grade Engine Oil 20W/40

HI-TEC,ENGINE OIL , Specifically blended to meet high performance requirement of petrol & diesel engines. It’s performance additives offer DETERGENCY, OXIDATION STABILITY, LOWER DEPOSITS & ANTI-WEAR properties. IT MEETS SPECIFICATIONS OF IS-13656, EPL-3/EDL-3, API-CF/SC.

Pack: 500 Ml., 1 Ltr., 3.5Ltr., 5Ltr., 7.5Ltr., 10 Ltr., 20Ltr., 50Ltr., 210Ltr.

Multi Grade Engine Oil 20W50 Gold

Autorol GOLD 20W/50 Multi Grade oil is high tech engine oil to provide high & stable viscosity index to retain multi grade characteristics through out wide range of engine temperatures.

It is recommended for use in all weather in petrol & diesel engines. It provides high Detergency, Increased oil drain period, Fuel economy, and oxidation stability.


Pack: 1 Ltr., 3 Ltr., 50 Ltr., 210 Ltr.


Autorol ATF, Automatic Transmission Fluid C-4, is specially formulated fluid having low static friction properties. It provides low temperature viscosity, excellent seal compatibility , optimum frictional stability to maintain consistent shift performance & oxidation stability.

Recommended for use in Automatic Transmissions and Power Steering unit of automobiles and other equipments requiring ALLISON C-4 & DEXRON III requirements.

Pack: 1 Ltr., 50 Ltr., 210 Ltr.


Autorol HI-TRANS new generation Universal Tractor Transmission oil recommended for Hydraulic, Differential, Wet Clutch, Automotive Manual Transmission & Gear boxes. Also recommended for use in earth moving & road construction equipments.

Its special features are, Optimum frictional properties for Clutch & Power transmissions, Oil seal compatibility, protection against Rust & Corrosion, and Oxidation resistance.

Meets requirement of API GL-4, ALLISON C-4, MF 1141/M1135

Pack: 1 Ltr., 5 Ltr., 20 Ltr., 50 Ltr., 210 Ltr.