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Pump Set Oil

Specifically blended to ensure high performance of AGRICULTURAL DIESEL PUMP SETS, STATIONARY DIESEL & Small engines for Industrial use.

It meets specifications – API-CC/EDL-1 & IS-13656:02

Pack: 3.5 Ltr., 5 Ltr.

ADX Shocker Oil

ADX SHOCK ABSORBER oil is specially developed for FRONT TELESCOPIC FORKS of Motorcycles. It is a premium product with high aniline point, having good oil seal compatibility, excellent damping effect, oxidation stability with excellent viscosity temperature characteristics. It is recommended for ALL MODELS OF HONDA, HERO, BAJAJ, KAWASAKI, SUZUKI, TVS, & YAMAHA Motorcycles.

Pack: 175 Ml.

Break Fluid Dot-3

AUTOROL DOT-3 brake fluid is high quality synthetic fluid for all Brakes & Clutch systems. SPECIAL FEATURES : Anti Oxidants & Anti Corrosion properties for long life, Easy fluidity at low temperature, High boiling point, hence no vapour lock, Excellent thermal & chemical stability & Seal compatibility. Recommended for all modern automobiles with hydraulic braking systems. CONFORMS TO IS 8654 & SAE J 1703F SPECIFICATIONS.

Pack: 250 Ml., & 500 Ml.

Coolant (Ready To Use)

AUTO-COOL is ready to use radiator coolant with Anti-Freeze & Anti corrosive properties, to protect radiator against rust & corrosion. AUTO-COOL is a premium coolant free of Silicate, Borates & Phosphates, with high boiling point & Low freezing point Recommended for use in cooling system of all Passenger Cars, Diesel vehicles, Jeeps, Tractors, Generators & Industries. It conforms to specifications of BS 6580:1992 & BS 6580:2010, JIS 2234:1994 (Undiluted).

Pack: 1 Ltr., 20 Ltr., 210 Ltr.